Architecture and Design Services

What are your project goals?  Maximizing your investment dollars? Increasing efficiency and reducing long-term maintenance? Building social equity in the community you serve?  These are just a few examples of value we regularly bring to our clients' projects.

Project Management

The life of your design project can be a long and complicated process.  There could be various engineering trades involved and multiple Authorities requiring approval(s). At APG your Project Manager will stay involved from the initial meeting through occupancy and help assure full coordination with all project Stakeholders.

Construction Administration

At APG | Architects we like to stay involved through construction to assure our client's goals and priorities are carried out.  Our experience can help our clients maximize their investment via facilitating a competitive bid, bidder evaluations, monitoring construction, and project close-out.


It's more than just a building

APG | Architects understands we are providing our clients guidance on possibly the largest investment they will make.  We take the time to understand our clients' process and operation.  This allows us to work with them to develop a design solution that will become an asset to their business.

Responsible Design Solutions

To only meet a project's budget and schedule is a short-sighted goal.  APG | Architects goes beyond by bringing long-term added value to a project:

  • Increased Operational Efficiencies for Staff
  • Increased Customer / Patient and Employee Satisfaction
  • Reduced Long-term Operational Costs
  • Build Brand Recognition and Social Equity
zane state-cambridge-ohio-leed-gold-architecture

Sustainable Design

APG | Architects understands that "sustainable" design goes beyond environmental considerations.  We want to make sure our design solutions are sustainable from a financial, social, and functionality perspective for the project's stakeholders as well.

While we have numerous LEED Certified projects to our credit, we know formal certification may not make sense for everyone.  We still strive to implement project-appropriate sustainable concepts into all of our projects.

Campaign Assistance

We encourage you to contact us in the initial stages of your project - even if it is just a rough concept.  We regularly assist our clients develop initial program, concept sketches, and total project cost budgets.  From there APG | Architects become a community advocate for your project.  Whether your organization is beginning a capital campaign or you are looking to pass a ballot initiative, we should be your first step in doing your due diligence.



We take great pride in our Architectural Design Services but we also know that in order to provide our clients the best possible project at the best value, we need to call upon Civil, Structural, Electrical, or Mechanical Engineers.

One of the most valuable assets we can bring to our clients is our wealth of established relationships with other specialized Design Professionals.

Another means of assembling the best possible team for your project is a Joint-Venture we undertook with V2Architects.  In 2009, our firms formed Addis, Davis, VanWey Architects with the concept of combining the high-quality design services our respective clients have come to expect with the pooled resources and knowledge sometimes necessary for very large projects.

ADV Architects has seamlessly delivered $25M + worth of projects over the last 10 years.