When should I contact a qualified Architect?

As soon as you begin to consider making an investment in your built environment you should reach out to our office.  Whether you are considering land acquisition, a renovation / expansion, or a new build our experienced Design Professionals can provide invaluable feedback even before we begin formal design efforts.

Do I need an Architect for my project?

Typically, a commercial project of any scale outside of finishes requires a licensed Design Profession (Architect or Engineer).

What type of Design Professional is best suited for my project?

Architect? Mechanical Engineer? Structural Engineer?

Give our office a call to briefly discuss your project.  If we aren't the best fit for your investment we have the resources and knowledge to refer you to who is.

What services does APG | Architects offer?

Would you want a plumber doing your electrical work? Of course not!  We specialize is Architecture, Owner Representation, and Construction Administration.  The vast majority of our projects do require consulting engineers and we have experience working with many different engineering firms.  We pride ourselves in managing the FULL Design Team best suited for your respective project.