Since 1993

Design Philosophy

Responsible architectural design has the unique ability to affect not only the built-environment but also the social, health, and financial wellbeing of our clients.  By providing thorough, appropriate design solutions APG | Architects seeks to maximize our clients’ return on their investment by increasing operational efficiencies, improving occupant satisfaction, and building social equity within our community.  We deliver real and intrinsic value that maximizes the long-term investments our clients make in their built environments.

Zanesville-Ohio Genesis Hospital

Architecture and Design Services

What are your project goals?  Maximizing your investment dollars? Increasing efficiency? Building social equity in the community you serve?  These are just a few examples of value we regularly bring to our clients' projects.

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Owner Representation and Consulting Services

In many cases, our clients are simply looking for a Design and Construction expert to bounce ideas off of before their project takes off.  Other times they are look to us to be "on their side of the table" during ongoing projects.  No matter what stage your project is in - APG can help

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Construction Administration

Our experience in providing CA services helps assure our clients' that their project priorities are carried through from the first design meeting to the day of occupancy.

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